a horse-drawn theater: 2012 traveling appalachia with the rural academy theater : photographs by nicola krebill

@ escape from turtle island

02 october 2012
leaving turtle island… and continuing the calamity

2 Responses to escape from turtle island

  1. Sheila Bell says:

    This tour is the most amazing, wonderful and spectacular journey I have ever witnessed on the web, notwithstanding, our daughter Erin is among the troupe. From the artwork on the crazy, beautiful caravan you all built from scratch, to the shots of the performances, the countryside in which you performed and the scenes of your audiences, this was a journey for the ages. I am so glad you chronicled it so well with the gorgeous photography. PS, the horses are majestic. Love from Erin’s mamma

  2. Shelley says:

    You can feel the joy!
    Beautiful horses,Fantastic wagon and such an original work
    Iam so proud to know you folks

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